About Me

Come this October, I will be 18. My father’s always said that I fluctuate between sincere emotional maturity and outlandish childishness. I think all of the best people have a similar affliction.

My full name is Ava Marie Zeldman, and I plan on never growing up – never leaving my fantasy land because it’s the best thing about me. I often attempt expressing my ideas through illustration, fiction writing, poetry, and other flowery, fanciful tasks to fulfill my life.

Constantly fluctuating between unbearable self loathing and the fear that if I don’t put my shit out there, I will become soil. I am better as a writer than a corpse, because my vessel is filled with plastic shards and blood coursing with soda pop.

So this is my website, and you’re here. Thank you for indulging me. You look great, today.